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Neurological Problems

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Tonsils & Pediatric Diseases

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Hematological Disorder

Renal Diseases

Autoimmune Diseases

Hereditary & Genetic Disorders

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What our patients says about us

Ms. Astha Khilwani

Thank you is a small word for Dr. Shivangi ... She helped my mom come out safe after a severe bout of covid and its after effects. Today my entire family is under her guidance.

Mr. Deepak Kaushik

I very thankful to Dr. Shubhangi mam. She is a very good experience docter she treated me in my problem and I got improvement with in 10 days in my problem

Laura Semons

My father was in severe stomach pain. He was admitted to hospital. Had lots of tests and medication but nothing helped. Yesterday evening around 8 pm we contacted Dr Shubhangi. She very patiently and carefuly listened all the problems . And suggested some medication from the kit. And by 3 Am my father was feeling much much better. He didn't take food for last 3 days and suddenly he was asking for food at 4 am. It is not less than miracle for us

Ms. Sadhana Sancheti

I am from Pune. I got her reference from my colleague. I had the problems of back pain and with sleep in nights. She diagnosed me over phone. Got results . Thankyou Dr. Shubhangi.

Mr. Sandesh Pokharna

I had the problem of Aasthama. I got results after treatment. Feeling lot better now. And fair charges also. One more thing good about doc is she took care of patients untill he is fully cured


I was diagnosed with mild Covid infection two months back. Since I was already receiving treatment from Dr. shubhangi , I contact her for Covid. She ensured proper guidance, medicine and monitoring on daily basis, which helped me recover fully withing 10 days. Thanks Dr. And Best wishes .

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Eat fresh vegetarian food with a happy mindset and your body will derive all nutrients in fair amount from your food.


Dear friends, we are glad to help you to cure COVID-19. Hundreds of patients whom we could help is testimony of potential...


Maintaining a neutral or slightly alkaline pH of body fluids (7 to 8) can safeguard us from falling prey to infections easily.